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AQHA- American Quarter Horse World Show Results
Posted on Nov. 14, 2006

From the American Quarter Horse Association

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The 2006 American Quarter Horse Association World Show begins its second week in Oklahoma City. Last week showcased Amateur competitors while the second and final week will feature competitions for Open Division competitors.  Thousands of AQHA exhibitors are vying for the title of World Champion. Congratulations to all exhibitors!  The Midwest Stallion Directory recognizes the outstanding achievements of exhibitors from the Midwest below.

Becky Canaday, owner and exhibitor-Towanda, KS

Dashing Chester- WORLD CHAMPION, Junior Barrel Racing


Cathy Betzold, exhibitor and owner- Mansfield, IL

Dashing Chester- WORLD CHAMPION, Junior Barrel Racing


Cathy Betzold, exhibitor and owner- Mansfield, IL

Red Dess Last Lad-6th Place-Amateur Barrel Racing

Dolly Del May-6th Place-Junior Pole Bending


William Clark, exhibitor and owner- Versailles, MO

Informants Flashback-CHAMPION-John Deere Amateur Select Barrel Racing

Free Cash Special-10th Place-John Deere Amateur Select Barrel Racing


Dusty Glider, exhibitor and owner- Whitewater, MO

Jets Easy Honor- 4th Place- Youth Barrels 14-18


Lyric Votaw, exhibitor and owner- Oak Grove, MO

Kids Cool Kid- 3rd Place-Amateur Weanling Stallions


Denise Werner, owner- Lees Summit, MO

The Plantiff- 4th Place-Amateur Weanling Stallions

A Fancy Jose-8th Place-Amateur Aged Mares


James Peddicord, owner- Odessa, MO

Xrated- 6th Place- Amateur Weanling Stallions

Mr Im Kiddin-9th Place- Amateur 2 Year Old Stallions


Rick Hancock, owner- Alma, KS

LT Kids Slick- 7th Place- Amateur Weanling Stallions


Rita Crundell, exhibitor and owner- Dixon, IL

Acoolest- 3rd Place-Amateuer Yearling Stallions

Execute- RESERVE CHAMPION- Amateur 2 Year Old Stallions

Reflections Kids-WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur Aged Stallions

Jewels By Tiffany-6th Place- Three Year Old Mares

Phenomenal Ms-RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur Aged Mares

Im In Touch- WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings

Touched By Michele-3rd Place-Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings

Van Valley Mister- RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur Aged Geldings


Barbara Hoffer, exhibitor and owner- Auburn, KS

Too Yella To Streak- 6th Place- Amateur Yearling Stallions

Not Kiddin Me- WORLD CHAMPION-Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings


Wade J Ellerbroek, exhibitor and owner- Sibley, IA

TS Macho Mann Skip-11th Place- Amateur Weanling Stallions


Kristin Sadler, exhibitor and owner-Linn Grove, IA

Reprecussions-13th Place-Amateur 2 Year Old Stallions


Kimberlee Brown, exhibitor and owner- New Richmond, WI

Classic Style Gold- 3rd Place-Aged Stallions


Bren Ovens, exhibitor and owner-Milan, IL

RD Rocka Fella-5th Place-Amateur Aged Stallions


Terry Fuhrman, owner- Carthage, MO

FF World Ya Look- RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION-Amateur Weanling Mares


Sara Willimon, exhibitor and owner- Kismet, KS

Poised N Promising- 10th Place- Amateur Weanling Mares


Debra Barth, exhibitor and owner- Missouri Valley, IA

JR Zips Kid- RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur Yearling Mares


Alan Whetzel, exhibitor and owner-Wichita, KS

LWR Mega Star- 7th Place- Amateur Yearling Mares


Charlotte Goldstein, exhibitor and owner- Cheterfield, MO

Pretty Darn Cute-5th Place- Amateur 2 Year Old Mares


Jim Sancken, exhibitor and owner- Ingleside, IL

A Classic Edition-8th Place- Amateur 2 Year Old Mares


Lynette Dunham-Rauch, exhibitor and owner- Tama, IA

Ms Perpetual Pizzazz- 8th Place- Amateur 3 Year Old Mares


Lana Marie Brooks, exhibitor and owner- Clark, MO

De Prettiest Pizzazz- 3rd Place- Amateur Aged Mares


Robert Richards, exhibitor and owner- Marshall, MN

LT Exclusive-6th Place-Amateur Weanling Geldings


Michel Clites, exhibitor and owner- Brookings, SA

Michels Angel0-6th Place- Amateur Yearling Geldings


Jerry Walker, exhibitor and owner-Middle Brook, MO

The LT MVP-8th Place- Amateur Yearling Geldings


Lea Ann Koch- Bingham, exhibitor and owner- Oswego, IL

WishingSheWouldCall-4th Place- Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings


Don Van Amerongen, exhibitor and owner- Mount Pleasant, IA

EReal Quiet-8th Place- Amateur 3 Year Old Geldings


Debby Brehm, exhibitor and owner- Lincoln, NE

Biaggio- 12th Place- Amateur Three Year Old Geldings


Keith Pinkley, exhibitor and owner- River Falls, WI

Ritzy Showtime-5th Place- Aged Amateur Geldings


Tom Totten, exhibitor and owner- Olney, IL

Percotts Coolest- 7th Place- Aged Amateur Geldings


Nicole Barnes, exhibitor and owner- Northbrook, IL

Zippos Ace of Spades-WORLD CHAMPION- Western Horsemanship; 3rd Place- Showmanship At Halter; 3rd Place- Amateur Western Riding; 3rd Place- Amateur Trail


Michelle Johnson Forness, exhibitor and owner- Saint James, MO

Larrys TJ Star- 9th Place- Amateur Showmanship; 9th Place- Amateur Western Horsemanship


Kristin Kleiman, exhibitor and owner- Mount Vernon, IA

Donít Miss This Lady- 10th Place- Amateur Western Pleasure


Lindsey Salsbury, exhibitor and owner- Topeka, KS

Donít Skip School- 4th Place- Amateur Hunter Under Saddle


Christine Rosey, exhibitor and owner- Schoolcraft, MI

Artful Rendition-6th Place-Amateur Hunter Under Saddle


Alisa Bernhard, exhibitor and owner-Germantown, WI

Tall Dark and Rich-WORLD CHAMPION-Amateur Working Hunter; RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION- Hunter Hack; WORLD CHAMPION- Hunt Seat Equitation; WORLD CHAMPION- Equitation Over Fences;


Douglas Hartwig, exhibitor and owner- Farmington, MN

Notable Artifacts-5th Place-Amateur Pleasure Driving


Diane Foster, exhibitor and owner- Harrisburg, IL

Smart Cinsh Olena-5th Place- Amateur Cutting


Landon Lugar, exhibitor and owner- Fremont, NE

Zippers Condominium- RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION- Dally Team Roping- Heading; 6th Place-Dally Team Roping- Heeling


James Burroughs, exhibitor and owner- Wymore, NE

Moon Bars Affirm- 5th Place- Dally Team Roping- Heeling


Michael Garnett, exhibitor and owner- Lincoln, NE

Ashleys Great Kid- 10th Place- Amateur Reining



Erin McGuire, exhibitor and owner- Kansas City, MO

Perfect Soul Mate-6th Place-Amateur Western Riding


Joanne Garnett, exhibitor and owner- Lincoln, NE

So Much Potential- WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur Trail


Rebecca Thompson, exhibitor and owner- LaMonte, MO

The Radical Doctor-4th Place-Amateur Trail


Cynthia Stewart, exhibitor and owner- Cody, NE

Sights on Sonny-10th Place- Amateur Barrel Racing


Vicki McAngus, exhibitor and owner- Leavenworth, KS

Prince Dell Te Fire- RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION- Amateur Jumping


Kelly Moore, exhibitor- White City, KS

The St Louise Special- 5th Place- Amateur Jumping





Posted on Nov. 14, 2006

From the American Quarter Horse Association































































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