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Hay Shortage Affects Horse Owners
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Posted on Jan. 16, 2007 By: Christy Lovenduski Midwest Stallion Directory

The beginning of the new year usually means a refreshed positive outlook and new resolutions. For horse owners and farmers in southern Missouri, Oklahoma, and other states, the new year ushered in a sense of dread as a hay shortage may lead to more cases of animal starvation.

According to The Sedalia Democrat, the hay situation is the worst itís been in 15 years, if not more. Farmers that usually have hay for sale are telling their customers that this year, they donít have any to sell. A drought like year of weather in southern Missouri coupled with wildfires in Oklahoma last year have brought many livestock owners into a panicked search for hay. With hay being scarce, the demand has driven prices to double their normal rate.  Several Missouri sellers state that says that a round bale would normally sell for $15-$20. This year however, that same bale of hay could trade for $30-$50 dollars.

Farmers and Horse Owners are making hard decisions about their livestock. Some are opting to ride out the shortage, paying higher premiums for their livestock feed. Some are opting to sell parts or all of their herds at low prices brought on by a flooded market of other livestock owners doing the same. Others arenít doing either. A High Plains Journal article reports that authorities in Oklahoma found seven starving horses and more than 40 animal carcasses on a farm. The animals had eaten all the grass and had taken to eating sticks and rocks.

The situation isnít looking up for farmers and horse owners either. Over the weekend, the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service released its annual crop report. The report showed that there is a shortage of corn worldwide. This shortage is driving the price of corn even higher, making it even more costly to feed livestock.

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Missouri Department of Agriculture Hay Directory-links to Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Oklahoma as well.

Hay Shortage Hitting Hard
Sarah Neil
The Sedalia Democrat, January 9, 2007.

Hay Shortage Could Lead to More Animal Sufferng</A>
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Posted on Jan. 16th, 2007 By Christy Lovenduski Midwest Stallion Directory
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Articles from the may not be republished without permission.





















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