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Horse Costumes
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Posted on October 25, 2007    Midwest Stallion Directory

Horse Costumes
Horse costume classes are seen in horse shows at all levels ranging from open shows to World Shows.  Some horse breeds, such as Arabians, use costumes to help remember the history of the breed.  Other breeds, such as Miniature Horses, hold costume classes for entertainment.  Equine costumes are also used to enhance freestyle reining patterns and historic re-enactments.  Whatever your reason for using horse costumes, this article can help you find a costume retailer that can help you!

Native Costume Retailers
Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes

Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes specializes in creating exquisitely designed Native Costumes. After seeing several parades, business founder, Mindy Huett, made her first costume out of an old bolt of felt and various Christmas decorations.  Mindy's costumes became quite popular, and she was asked frequently to create equine costumes for others.  With more and more clients asking for costumes, Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes was founded in 1987.

With twenty years of experience in costume creation, Mindy's touch goes into each costume.  Her unique designs have brought much success to her clients.  Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes have been the outfit of choice for numerous US and International Champions. 

Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes prices start at $700.  If you would like to make your own costume, Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes also offers an Arabian Costume Making Video and Instructions on how to make your own Arabian Costume inexpensively and without sewing.  The video is available from the Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes website.

Thank you to Almost Ranch Arabian Costumes for permission to use these photographs.  Photographs are of Mindy Huett and her stallion, Sir El Suad.

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Absolute Arabian Wear

Absolute Arabian Wear was founded in January 2007 by Shauna Hasse.  Being an artist, Shauna, had always been interested in creating a costume for her gelding.  A video on creating an Arabian costume (a Christmas gift from her husband) gave Shauna the inspiration to begin her first costume.  The first costume created by Shauna is the "Fire and Smoke" costume which can be purchased from their website. 

Absolute Arabian Wear currently offers two different costumes, but more designs are planned.  The "Fire and Smoke" costume is a flashy red and black costume while "Fresh" is an authentic-looking costume.  A unique feature of the "Fresh" costume is that the riders robe is reversible.  Each costume is created by Shauna or head seamstress, Lesley Clagett. 

Absolute Arabian Wear costumes start at $1200.  Absolute Arabian Wear prides their costumes on being a work or art.  Each costume is unique and original.  Clients can also select a specific size rather than only having a one-size-fits-all option.  Absolute Arabian Wear also welcomes special costume orders, not just Arabian Costumes.  

Thank you to Absolute Arabian Wear for permission to use these photographs. 

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Arabian Costume Creations
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Arabian Knights Costumes
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Arabians Tack
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Costumes By Carolyn
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Costume Retailers
The Horse Tailor

The Horse Tailor specializes in creating unique, completely customized equine costumes. The Horse Tailor was the brainstorm of company designer, Donatella, who decided during her daughter's equestrian lesson that riding could be a lot more fun and personalized than it was.  And thus, The Horse Tailor was born. 

Creating costumes from beginning to end, allows clients of The Horse Tailor to have a costume that matches their every desire.  Whether you are looking for a bumble bee costume, a fairy tale costume, or a Magic Dragon costume, the Horse Tailor can create a costume for you!  The sky is the limit with The Horse Tailor!

 Many clients have found show ring success with a costume from The Horse Tailor.  The costumes are a big hit with judges, and The Horse Tailor is a big hit with their customers.  A customer of The Horse Tailor wrote:
I just received the package with the girls costumes in the mail today. I wanted to let you know how very impressed I am. You have done a wonderful job. It surpasses my expectations. The costume you did from the picture I sent is lovely. You were super fast too. Less than 3 weeks from order to delivery and overseas too. You were patient and understanding. I can't recommend you enough. I have 2 incredibly happy children. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will send a picture when they are all done up in their costumes. Thanks again!"

Thank you to The Horse Tailor for permission to use these photographs. 

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Information: One of a kind fun horse costumes and drill team costumes.
Costume Ideas
Great Costume Ideas from Midwest Stallion Directory readers.
Adams Family Horse Costume


Flintstone Horse Costume


Dragon Horse Costume


Harry Trotter Horse Costume


Raggety Anne and Andy Horse Costume Spongebob and Gary Horse Costume

Thank you to Unicorner Miniature Horse Farm for permission to use these photographs. 




Posted on October 25, 2007   Midwest Stallion Directory
Articles from the may not be republished without permission.








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