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My New Kentucky Home-AQHA Stallions Move to Kentucky
News from the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association
Posted on October 20, 2007    Midwest Stallion Directory

Kentucky Quarter Horse Association Will Award Nearly $370,000
"The Sun shines bright on my old Kentucky Home." is a familiar lyric from the state song of Kentucky.  A new $368,000 incentive from the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association may find American Quarter Horse owners singing a new version of the familiar song- "The Sun shines bright on my NEW Kentucky Home."

Though Kentucky is best known for its Thoroughbred industry, the state is home to more American Quarter Horses than Thoroughbreds.  The Kentucky Quarter Horse Association's new Breeder's Incentive Fund will most certainly help to continue that trend.  Since the announcement of the $368,000 incentive program, numerous stallions have relocated to Kentucky.  The following list contains farms and stallions that have recently moved to Kentucky.

Farms and Ranches in Kentucky

DeGraff Stables Home of Indian Artifacts
Gollenhon Show Horses Versailles, KY-
Gumz Farms Morganfield, KY
North Wind Ranch Versailles, KY-Home of Sweet Talkin Chip, Zippo Finale, The Immortal
Riverside Ranch Leitfield, KY- Home of My Final Notice, Consider His Source, Zippos Blue Goose, Dun Goin Steady


American Quarter Horse Stallions in Kentucky

Guaranteed Good Standing at JustaTad Farm;
HBF Ironman standing at Liberty Farm;
Hot Diggity Joe Standing at Gumz' Kentucky Farm
Million Dollar Luke Standing at Bennie Sargent Quarter Horses;
MWS Ima Flashyzipper Standing at Bennie Sargent Quarter Horses;
OHK Krymsun Zip Standing at Bennie Sargent Quarter Horses;
One Hot Krymsun Xalapa Farm;
Potential Career Liberty Farm;
Raging Impulse Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center;
Sweet Talkin Chip
Zippo Finale

The funds for the breeder incentive programs in Kentucky comes from a sales tax which is paid on stud fees.  Approximately $1,000,000 is allocated annually to non-racing breeds.  A $368,000 distribution was approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority on April 16, 2007. 

The KyQHA board of directors created a program that will focus on boosting demand for Kentucky-bred Quarter Horses rather than creating an increased supply of horses.  Eligible horses must meet the following criteria:  the foal must have been born in Kentucky during 2002 or later, the foal must have been conceived in Kentucky, the sire on the registration papers must have stood the entire year solely in Kentucky in the year that the conception occurred.

 For more information on the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association Breeder's Incentive Fund, pleas visit .

If you own a farm or AQHA stallion that recently moved to Kentucky in order to participate in the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association Breeder's Incentive Program, please contact us at




Posted on October 20, 2007   Midwest Stallion Directory
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